Chess Openings

Chess Openings 6.9

Analyzes the user's chess play
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6.9 (See all)
Create chess-related e-books or analyze your openings and gameplay to improve your game. The tool isn't suitable for beginners.

Analyze your games and ideas with the included Stockfish, Crafty and Ruffian engines
Spot all transpositions in all phases of the game, just like the Professional version
Study a sample “Demo Book” based on FM Chuck Schulien’s Open Game II ebook will give you some instruction on playing the Black side of 1.e4.
Animate all of our chess ebooks including the samples that come with the program.
Index and search all of your PGN files
See how our more advanced commercial programs work to make you a stronger chess player
Print diagrams using various commercial and included free chess fonts.
Make .bmp files of the diagrams
Enjoy beautiful 2D and 3D boards
Watch software videos that explain how to get the most out of the program

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